Nice crysallisation of the Future from Cringely

Robert talks at length about the Google/Apple nexus, but near the end he outlines a vision that I agree with wholeheartedly,

We’re approaching a transition point in computing that most people don’t understand. It isn’t just the Internet or search or access to movies and music that matter, but all of those presented in a technological context that Just Plain Works. The importance of all our digital stuff along with our fear of losing it will shift us more and more toward central backup and storage. And once you have your life sitting on some company’s server, are you going to move it on a whim? No, and that means there will be a LOT of money to be made providing these services. Storage and automated backup and probably some form of netboot with a fresh OS image every time is the future of computing whether we’re talking about desktops or notebooks or mobile phones.

We want PutPlace to provide a safe passage between your PC and the place think is safest to store your data, whether that’s Google, Microsoft, Amazon or Apple.



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