Giant Global Graph

Tim Berners Lee wrote a great post last week on the Giant Global Graph. This is Tim’s vision of the Social Graph that Brad Fitzpatrick talks about.

The Giant Global Graph is the network of all your connections both on your network of friends and acquaintances (your social graph) and your network of content (files, videos, email, music etc.)

End Users are well served by social networks but their networks of documents are becoming increasingly fractured. Each new backup, each new copy on Flickr, Facebook, YouTube or Google Docs erases valuable information linking the copy and the original. Eventually users end up in a stasis with multiple copies of everything and no understanding of which one can be be moved, destroyed, updated or copied without compounding the problem.

PutPlace solves this problem by dynamically maintaining your Document Graph for all your content, both in the home and on the web. So everything you publish on flickr can be linked back to the original copy on your home PC so that you can fully understand the relationships between all your content now and in the future.


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