Irish Blog Awards 2008 : Best Technology Blog Nominees

PutPlace is delighted to sponsor the Best Blog Award at this years Irish Blog Awards. The nominees are listed below, Good luck on the night folks.

Doh, this is the list of best technology blogs/bloggers.  Mea Culpa. Still a worthwhile list.


7 Responses to “Irish Blog Awards 2008 : Best Technology Blog Nominees”

  1. The Limerick Blogger » Blog Archive » Irish blog award longlists: leaks show plethora of Local bloggers nominated Says:

    […] Long listed for Best Technology blog are Alexia Golez and What I […]

  2. Irish Blog Awards » Blog Archive » Counting down - Longlists for 2008 Irish Blog Awards Says:

    […] Blog from a Journalist Best Tecnhology Blog Best Group Blog Best Specialist Blog Best News/Current […]

  3. Staff Blog - Ross Costigan - Oss237 » We're in, he's in, I'm in! [Updated] Says:

    […] is on the long list for ‘Best Blog‘, has also been nominated for ‘Best Technology Blog‘, and he’s on the ‘Best Sports Blog‘ list for Liverpool […]

  4. Alexia Golez » Blog Archive » Thanks For the Noms Says:

    […] been long-listed with lots of amazing writers in the Best Technology Blog, Best Personal Blog and Best Newcomer Blog categories. Good luck […]

  5. Clunky Flow » Just call me ‘Eddie the Eagle’ at the Blog Awards Says:

    […] Who? Me? I’ve been nominated for ‘best tech blog‘. To say I am amused, bemused and confused is an […]

  6. Irish Blog Awards 2008 « That’s Ireland Says:

    […] Best Technology Blog – 21 Nominees (2007 Bernie Goldbach) […]

  7. whatithink » Irish Blog Awards Says:

    […] just found out that I’ve been long-listed for an Irish Blog Award in the Best Technology Blog category. I’m actually amazed that I was nominated. So to whoever did nominate me, […]

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