PutPlace creeps softly into the light

Its official, we are now in public beta. What does this mean? Well right now if you are a Windows user you can register and download our client software. With our software in place you can backup all the content on all the computers your own.

Big job? Not with PutPlace. We do all the heavy lifting and our client is smart about backup so you don’t have to be. Duplicate files are detected by the client so we don’t scarf up all your bandwidth uploading redundant files and on the server all those copies are linked together so you don’t pay out top dollar for storage either.

Once we’ve backed up all your stuff we watch it in real-time and backup all the changes as they happen. What about old versions? We keep ’em all safe for you online.

Need all your bandwidth or CPU? Turn PutPlace down or turn it off. When we startup again we’ll catch up to where we were in a lickety split.

Upload as much as you want the beta is free, when we move to a paying model in the future we’ll give beta users several months to decide whether to go with PutPlace or somebody else and we’ll move your content there for free (if we can).

So get uploading and send us your feedback.


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