PutPlace creeps softly into the light


Its official, we are now in public beta. What does this mean? Well right now if you are a Windows user you can register and download our client software. With our software in place you can backup all the content on all the computers your own.

Big job? Not with PutPlace. We do all the heavy lifting and our client is smart about backup so you don’t have to be. Duplicate files are detected by the client so we don’t scarf up all your bandwidth uploading redundant files and on the server all those copies are linked together so you don’t pay out top dollar for storage either.

Once we’ve backed up all your stuff we watch it in real-time and backup all the changes as they happen. What about old versions? We keep ’em all safe for you online.

Need all your bandwidth or CPU? Turn PutPlace down or turn it off. When we startup again we’ll catch up to where we were in a lickety split.

Upload as much as you want the beta is free, when we move to a paying model in the future we’ll give beta users several months to decide whether to go with PutPlace or somebody else and we’ll move your content there for free (if we can).

So get uploading and send us your feedback.


This blog is now hosted at blog.putplace.com


Hi Folks, we are in the process of moving this blog over to our own site at http://blog.putplace.com. You should spin over there for future content. This blog is now deceased.

Twenty Major wins Best Blog at the Irish Blog Awards 2008


Twenty Major now makes it three years in a row for the Best Blog Award. PutPlace is delighted to be associated with Irish Blog Awards again this year and will be contacting all the winners in the coming weeks to offer them a free years subscription to PutPlace.com.

Congratulations to all the other winners as well.

Broadband in Ireland


Great post from Sarah summarising the broadband situation in Ireland. Not bad for a non-techie Sarah!

Massive price drop in SQS from Amazon


Amazon provide a (kind of) Queueing Service called SQS (Simple Queueing Service). Until recently this was priced at $0.10 (USD) per 1000 messages processed. They have now changed this pricing to $0.01 per 10,000 messages processed. This is huge change in price point and will make SQS much more accessible for users with large queues of small messages. Unfortunately SQS will not guarantee that messages come of the queue in order they were put on (which is why its a “kind of” message queue).

Full message:

Dear Amazon SQS Developers,

We wanted to let you know about some changes we are making to Amazon SQS, based on customer feedback and watching the way customers are using the service. One thing we’ve heard consistently is that customers want to be able to use SQS along with our other services (e.g. Amazon EC2, Amazon S3), but need SQS to be less expensive for this to be more feasible. We looked at our architecture and feature set, and found a way to make a few, targeted changes, by deprecating a few infrequently used requests, which allow us to operate the service much more efficiently. Simultaneously, we are introducing a new pricing structure that replaces the previous per-messages-sent charge ($0.10/1,000 messages) with a new per-request fee ($0.01/10,000 requests, including all Amazon SQS operations). The net result is that the new pricing will result in significantly lower charges for most developers being billed for SQS.

The changes are effective as of February 6th, 2008 for new Amazon SQS customers. As an existing user of the service, you can continue to use the prior version of the service – with the prior pricing – for up to 180 days (until August 6th, 2008). However, we recommend that you use the Migration Guide to move to the updated service and pricing as soon as possible.

Below are details of the changes to Amazon SQS (also available on the Amazon SQS detail page).

Previous Pricing
(prior to February 6th, 2008)

$0.10 per 1,000 messages sent ($0.0001 per message sent)

Data Transfer
$0.10 per GB – all data transfer in

$0.18 per GB – first 10 TB / month data transfer out
$0.16 per GB – next 40 TB / month data transfer out
$0.13 per GB – data transfer out / month over 50 TB

New Pricing
(effective February 6th, 2008)

$0.01 per 10,000 Amazon SQS requests ($0.000001 per request)

Amazon SQS requests are CreateQueue, ListQueues, DeleteQueue, SendMessage, ReceiveMessage, DeleteMessage, SetQueueAttributes and GetQueueAttributes.

Data Transfer
Data transfer rates are unchanged. However, as many customers want to use Amazon SQS in conjunction with Amazon EC2, all data transferred between EC2 and SQS will be free of charge.

We examined the effect that the new pricing would have had on Amazon SQS bills greater than $1 at the end of December 2007. Under the new plan, 76% of customers would have received lower bills, saving an average of 71% each compared to their actual bill.

The Irish Digital Industry Association Inaugural Dinner


Popped along to Paul Walsh’s launchpad dinner for the Irish Digital Industy Association (not a hard and fast name as it turns out). Dinner was excellent as usual (Jaipur’s india food rocks) and with Microsoft and Blacknight picking up the tab it tasted even sweeter.

Discussions kicked off after Dinner with Paul laying out his vision for what the society could be in terms of representing the digital sector in Ireland, providing networking opportunities and giving the that part of the sector that is not well served by either the ISA or the IIA a voice of its own.

Much discussion followed and the general consenus was,

  • The idea of an association is sound
  • We need to gather a group of people together to draft a more concrete mission statement and set of goals that are well aligned with the interests of the sector
  • We need a clearer definition of the constituents

Brian Caulfield made a good point about establishing a key set of “unmet needs” that the organisation should address and Conn O’ Muineachain followed up with a comment that maybe there is a business to be had in serving this sector.

We wrapped up by getting feedback for each of the atteendees. Denis Neery Deery made the best suggestion which was that we need to establish a concrete set of goals using a smaller group and then present these back to a larger gathering.

A useful night, I would suggest a few improvements for the next meeting,

  1. Less food and more talking, the early part of the night was great, but it was meet and greet stuff.
  2. More formal presentations to seed the dicussion, Paul ended up responding to many of the queries and a there should be more people available to cover that ground.
  3. Aim to finish before the pubs close so we can retire to the Long Hall for a more informal debrief
  4. Post a list of actions the next day and set a date for the next meeting

There are other reviews from Paul Campbell and MaryRose.

Irish Blog Awards 2008 : Best Technology Blog Nominees


PutPlace is delighted to sponsor the Best Blog Award at this years Irish Blog Awards. The nominees are listed below, Good luck on the night folks.

Doh, this is the list of best technology blogs/bloggers.  Mea Culpa. Still a worthwhile list.

Djangopeople.net : Find Django People


Simon Willison (one of the Django Authors) has created a new website called djangopeople.net to map people around the world who are using Django. Needless to say PutPlace is represented. Can you find us?

Simon McGarr on Facebooks Legal Obligations


Simon McGarr talks at length about Facebook’s legal obligations regarding privacy and data use within the EU. An excellent summary that should put the wind up Facebook.

Facebook boosters, take note.

Server Upgrade Due this week


Hi we are upgrading our server grid this week. This will happen on this Wednesday 23rd January at 4.00pm in the evening. This is in preparation for the roll out of a new client package to our existing beta users. You may notice you client disconnecting briefly if you are running the service. This disconnection is planned and the client should reconnect automatically shortly thereafter.